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Chicago Black Beat

Chicago Black Beat

Posted on Mar 22, 2010 by Bella Princess Jewel

Courtesy of Chicago Black Beat

I walk up a long flight of stairs and there waiting for me was Goliath. His name wasn't Goliath but his tall and large physique would earn him the title. It?s a nice treat fora submissive woman to have waiting for her at the top of a staircase. I could tell he was Dominant. A submissive can sense it just as easily, as a predator can sense his prey. His burly and austere demeanor captivated me as he instructed me to see Ms Lash who stood only a couple feet away. She was a radiant beauty, dressed in black attire, petite in frame, wearing a friendly welcoming smile. She was in the midst of a conversation, apparently with other CBB members. A few feet from her, were friendly faces, one I already knew. It was refreshing; I exhaled a sigh of relief at the thought that I would not be alone. I shyly took a glance around the entire room full of people dressed in black. In amazement, everyone appeared to be welcoming and friendly. It had the ambiance of a martini party. The setting was in a nice, cozy, large studio loft that had a trendy New York feel. The martini party thought dissipated, however, when I observe BDSM furniture and equipment throughout the loft. Racks were hanging on walls that were adorned with whips, floggers, chains, cuffs, collars and etc. But the environment was so welcoming and engaging, it was easy to forget it was BDSM- related.

I scanned the room and made eye contact with some of the men who appeared to be attending solo. I smiled a bit inside and thought, "This was not a bad idea at all. The air played Old School R & B sounds, cozy sofa seating was placed in the front area, and a kitchen where everyone swarmed was filled with counter tops of food. Large windows, which extended from the ceiling to the floor, were draped with sheer white and maroon iridescent curtains. Hardwood floors extended throughout the loft. Everyone wore their party smiles and seemed to be right at home. Friendly eyes glanced over at me; it was obvious I was a newbie to Chicago Black Beat. Who could miss the girl in the pink gown carrying a pink laptop?

Truthfully, I was nervous. But I knew I did not have to be; the environment was absolutely inviting. But I was still nervous, and it was increasingly showing. Without being too timid, I remembered why I was there and prepared for questions and interviews.

Ms. Lash and Sabah, who are two of the founders of Chicago Black Beat (CBB), were kind of enough to give me a bit of background. Chicago Black Beat is celebrating their one year anniversary. Chicago Black Beat is a local chapter, a reflection of its national presence Black Beat, which takes place yearly in Maryland.Chicago Black Beat is unlike other munches. It is geared around blacks and those of color in the lifestyle but it is transforming into an exceedingly diverse atmosphere. Chicago Black Beat has flavor, soul preferably. There is a hearty assortment of food and music to groove to. You dig? It's like having a family, true family within the D/s and BDSM community. Come as you are. Be yourself. Chicago Black Beat is not high on protocol ,but etiquette is essential.

"We are a pan-sexual, non-exclusive group! The only people who are not allowed are the ignorant, the rude, the drunks and the disrespectful. Oh, yeah and the assholes! :-)" -Ms. Lash

There are a variety of engaging activities going on; games, educational discussions,special speakers, and instructors. Oh, and someone is always getting their ass beat! Feast and network throughout the munch. But pace yourself as a play party follows. Munches and play parties have never been my cup of tea but this is such a delightful, warm and cozy atmosphere that if you ever thought to yourself you would never attend a munch or play party, this would probably work out well for you. The munch portion has little resemblance to other existing munches. It's asocial, a gathering, a martini party without the martinis. And if you decide to stay for the play, you can simply observe, learn or continue to mingle and feast.

What are some of the attendees saying about CBB?

"I had a wonderful first experience at Black Beat and enjoyed seeing people I know as well as meeting new people. I also loved watching Eunice get her ass beat... ;) Great demo!"-- Jas

"Beautiful Space, Good Food, Friendly/Welcoming people... This was my first Black Beat Munch and I have to say I had a great time and am only sorry I haven't been before. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in. (and I'm not just saying that because I got my ass beat. Honest! :)"-- Eunice

"We definitely had a lot of fun! We definitely felt right at home and will be back.thx!"--Creative

It's food,laughter, fun, ambiance, music; play or not, you should experience it. There isn't anything else like it, as far as I know, in Chicago. Chicago Black Beat is the home for any Kinkster who is looking for a place to call home. No pretensions, no cliques, just good ole warm-hearted, passionate people within the BDSM lifestyle.

If you're in the Chicago area, join the Chicago Black Beat Group. To learn more about Black Beat, Inc, visit their website.

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