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Checking In

Checking In

Posted on Jun 30, 2010 by Goddess Sonya

As my vacation winds down and voting is closing today I felt it was my duty to throw in one last request for voters (see my last post).

I'm shifting gears from relaxation to ready to being a little more busy with the changes I discussed. So far, I've already made the change to Tickled 'n' Teased and after some technical errors, the full screen option seems to be working fine. After I start redoing the videos (as best I can anyway), I will move on to Goddess Sonya then on to the other websites. I think you'll really enjoy this feature and it'll give you viewing experience a new dimension.

Next, I'll be updating my preview videos to reflect the new content in the websites and I'll freshen up the home pages with new photos. All of this takes time and I'm only a small team of people, so bear with me, I anticipate having this mostly done by the Fall..

I had hoped to launch Ebony Cock Teasing by now, but I want to return from vacation to oversee that process, to make sure it goes as smooth as possible. It's pretty much ready and coming soon to a video monitor near you.

I think I've tanned enough so I'm going to put my clothes back onĀ  and start thinking about all that I have to do when I get back. Plus, I have to continue my laser hair removal (the best investment I ever made; I haven't had to shave my underarms except once!) so I need to let my tan fade a bit. It's always sad when vacation ends, but I believe I'll be making it more of a habit for my physical and mental well being. Now that I have reliable support staff I can move on to living my life the way I'm supposed to.

Anyway, I'm getting ready to hit the streets of Ft Lauderdale. The polls close today at Urban X Awards, so vote for me and I'll be back before yo know it, whipping, stroking and teasing you like you know only I can!


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