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Check your goals!

Check your goals!

Posted on May 27, 2010 by Aye Provide

latex1It's Spring and we are moving full speed into Summer!! Hooray!! In NYC we were all TIRED of the snow and have been praising the grass creeping up between the cracks in the sidewalks.
This is the time when I take a quick subbie breath and check my goals.  Do y'all remember back in January when I suggested my brother and sister servants set goals? Well now is the time to check your progress because you for sure DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT want to be called out by your Dominant for lack of progress.  When that happens, you best believe you are on thin ice for that nasty action called " RELEASE"

To avoid that confrontation, take stock of what you wanted to achieve and what you have completed year to date.  I hear you grumbling saying under your breath, " She typing like my boss at work, dammit! " Maybe I am, but let us not forget a D/s relationship is work; nothing prospers if we don't add work.I have checked my goals and so far I am on target. 

One of my key items was play with more latex; I did that and I have some pretty snappy photos to show off for you. I am VERY excited to share them!! I also decided to expand my toy horizons and I have been shopping for a big black dildo (I have not found one I like yet so I will keep looking) and I plan to document my search to share with you.  I figure finding a good compatible dildo might be like finding a good compatible cock. What do you think?

See ya soon,
aye provide
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