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Bad Butts Get Spanked.

Bad Butts Get Spanked.

Posted on Oct 2, 2010 by Aye Provide

Traveling around as much as I do I get to tease plenty of people but I have to remember the teasing will get you the big payback. Recently, I had a friendly photo shoot/play session. I had been speaking with the fellow prior to the shoot date for about 2 months. Lots of flirty instant messages sent by both of us anticipating the time to be spent.

His intent was to photograph thongs. The guy is a self-proclaimed "Assologist", meaning that he is a connoisseur of the female booty. Having this knowledge, I spent the week leading up to the shoot sending him pics of my posterior in thongs, bikini bottoms, and of course bare skinned.
After attaching a particularly large file of ass photos, I got a phone call.

"Hello, who is calling?" I said checking the clock and it was 1 am, I frowned a bit ..just truly annoyed until I heard that raspy voice belonging to Mr Assologist. "Hello my bad girl. I see you have been a busy little one." I answered him with my standard Aye is never bad and he gave a prompt retort of "Bullshit, you live to be bad. Which is exactly why you emailed that very explicit file of photos of your round black ass." I chuckled at him and did more denying, said good bye then hung up. In the back of my mind I knew more denying could get me more trouble, but I figured I could beat the odds.

The days ticked down until shoot day arrived. We were meeting about 5pm and the plan was to shoot until 10 then the games would begin. I wore an easy white gauze skirt because the day was hot, hot, hot. I was glad for the breezy fabric against my bare legs but not so glad for the way the skirt liked to bunch in the crack of my ass when the wind blew.

Finally I arrive at his private shoot location and I tap softly at the door. He answers with a sweet smile and invites me inside. I roll my bag in, smiling, and greet him with a kiss on the cheek. "Oh my," he says, "You just have on way too many ass covering clothes!" I found myself being spun around and hearing to the sound of his hands ripping the light fabric of my skirt. "That's better, and what a pretty white thong I see in the crack of your ass." The air conditioning chilled my ass cheeks but I then felt the dual sting of both his hands slapping my round butt.

"Ouch! Why do I get spanked?" I asked. There was no answer from him, simply action. I felt my thong wedge further into my ass as I was shoved onto the nearest tabletop. He leaned over me, I felt the weight of his chest on my back as his warm breath washed over my ear "Bad girls get spankings not photo shoots. Bad girls get tickled too. What you get depends on what I dish out naughty girl; whine all you like but you are only getting what you have earned." Just as he finished his last word my butt was treated to yet another resounding slap! Soon to be followed by three more stern whacks.

"Your hands need to be bound so I can better spank that ass; maybe those ankles too." I felt the soft rope circle my wrists and I glanced up to see the the rope's bright red color.
"Did I tell you to look?" he asked sharply. SWACK! another well delivered smack to my ass and in the back of my dirty kinky mind I thought, "Mmmm, that was good." I hear him speak again "Since you like to peek, you are going to be blindfolded and I will tie your ankles to my lovely heavy wooden table. You will be part of the furniture with your round ass up in the air and both holes open for my toys."

I felt his weight on my back again along with the smooth hot warmth of his skin and that raspy voice in my ear "There will be no getting off until your punishment is completed. I think your ass can take 30 more minutes of my hand slapping your butt cheeks. The way you are responding I don't think this is quite a punishment. Get your ass up higher my dear, I want my hand to connect with every square centimeter of your sexy black ass."

SWACK! Mmm another good hand to ass connection. My pussy is wet. I need to talk trash more often, I thought. I shifted my head to the right to peer at the clock from under the blindfold.
Wonderful, I think to myself, 24 more blissful minutes of being spanked!
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