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Aye Provide

New York City

Aye Provide is a lifestyle submissive who just happens to get a thrill from performing.  She has been a part of the BDSM scene for 7 years and has loved every minute of the experience.  Aye has a great fondness of rope bondage, along with hoods and good firm spankings. Her career as a fetish model began with a private photo session where she had her first experience with a crotch rope. The experience was mind blowing & addictive causing Aye to seek more opportunities as a model and performer.  Why so addictive you may ask, Ms Provide would confess to being an exhibitionist which means creating fetish content is the perfect way to "show one's ass".  In her travels Aye Provide has met many talented producers and performers that were always share knowledge about the BDSM lifestyle and their views on sexuality.  This sharing has helped broaden her way of thinking and fuels her continued desire to learn.

As pretty as Aye can be never forget she's bad girl in constant need of correction.  This is a girl that craves good discipline. She is the sprightly submissive mostly likely to need punishment due to her playful tricks. For those Dominants that love to spank and bind Aye will surely keep you pleased with her taste for naughty behavior, keep an eye out for more images and video coming soon.

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