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April Fool's Part 1

April Fool's Part 1

Posted on Apr 28, 2010 by Aye Provide

As usual, the devil was running rampant within me by the time April 1st arrived.  Of course my first target was my Dominant who was doing some serious travel for work.  Knowing I would not see Him until this week, I made it a point to bait Him daily. Many text messages were sent that challenged His skill at mastering me. Fed up with my antics, He issued His final text " I promise you..I will rip those panties off and stuff them into your mouth to muffle your screams."  Never having seen a response like that from Him, I think I may have pushed too far.  I sent the requisite "I'm sorry" text and got no answer....yeah I have put myself behind the eight ball AGAIN!
Late on Wednesday night I got a call from Him.  His raspy voice reached out across digital technology directly into my ear hole.  My panties got wet. He proceeded to tell me I was to meet Him at His hotel room. The company had provided a luxury suite for Him as part of His monthly bonus and He wanted to have a little fun with me.  I smile and figured I was off the hook. He told me to check my email for instructions and He would pick me up tomorrow evening. Extra excited, I logged on and retrieved the email. I was asked to wear pantyhose or stockings because there is nothing better for His tactile senses than a woman's nylon clad leg. I set to work to plan my attire since I had full day of stuffy conservative client meetings .. BLAH!!!  It would be a long wait until 4 pm.

Thursday 4pm FINALLY arrived and I made my way to His location. Prompt as usual, I found Him waiting for me inside the station.  I was greeted with a smile and a handshake - He is an anal stickler for low key formality in public - and off we went to the car. He had parked in a shady little spot making it very convenient for Him to shove both hands under my very accommodating skirt and thrust His tongue fully into my mouth. When I was let up for air I was informed in quite a polite tone I had hit all the  right buttons and I would get what I deserved. I opened my mouth to speak and He covered it with His hand immediately. I know for him to shut me up I had really pushed it.

Getting to the hotel was a pleasant ride. He chatted and I massaged his hard cock through His black slacks. The ride over I bustled from the car, through the hotel lobby, loaded onto the elevator and finally escorted into the room. I was directed to relax and put down my things. As soon as I removed my coat, I quickly found myself face down and ass up on the bed. I forgot the art of the fast take down is one of His strong points.

So I found myself held down, helpless, skirt hiked up, and a hard cock grinding between my ass cheeks....what's a poor little subbie to do? I stayed still and listen to His absent chatter..."Feel that hard cock wench..it's all for you tonight. I guess I'd better feed you before I beat and fuck you all night," I felt His weight move and I was yanked up by my hair to face Him. He smiled at me spun me around while reaching between my thighs and ripping the crotch of my pantyhose allowing His fingers the freedom to feel my wet heat. I felt His mouth against my ear as He firmly stated, "Never doubt my ability, you will lose every time.  We will now go eat and drink. When we return I plan to spank that lovely ass and pussy with my brand new belt.  I bought it just because of your antics."  He slide the belt from His waist and dangled it before my eyes. Shiny black leather with a large silver buckle...
" Stop staring,  bad girl.. It's time to eat."

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