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April Fool Part 2

April Fool Part 2

Posted on May 26, 2010 by Aye Provide

Eating was the last thing on my mind. I kept drifting to thoughts of that hard leather belt. As we submissive people all know, the slap of a new leather belt can quickly warm up that ass without much work.

He made sure to sweetly feed me all my green beans....ICKY...He KNOWS I don't like them, but I smiled and lovingly licked each one before swallowing it. Two can play at this game

He knew I was still baiting him so He whispered, "That pretty mouth will do more than lick, and when you think to scream I have a gag for you."  He gives me the eye after dessert and I know it's just about time to go. He signals for the check and I knew it was time to pay the piper.

On the ride up in the elevator, I know what's going through His mind..."How can I get away with fucking her in this elevator?" I see His eye glance upward to each corner and He gave a resolute sigh of defeat...cameras.
Yeah, I am safe from THAT humiliation.

Shoved through the hotel room door, I hear His chuckle in my ear and out of nowhere a ball gag is instantly popped into my mouth.  I watch in the dim light as He extracts my leather wrist and ankle shackles from His bag.  First my wrists are encased, then my ankles. He stands to circle me and survey his handy work as I struggle to maintain my balance. I am instantly tackled by Him and find myself with a worm's eye view of the carpet fibers.  (If you haven't noticed, fellow likes to play a bit rough....hehehehe.)
Taking the easy way out, He clips me into a quick hog tie with that easy breezy leather connector. He squats in front of me, cups my chin so my eyes meet his and says, "I think you need to stew a bit. Why should your punishment be immediate?  I have all night.  I'll catch you after the 10 o'clock news."  That being said He neatly coiled up that new black leather belt and placed it directly in front of my face. 
I was going nowhere fast and neither was that belt....at least until He said so.

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