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A Quick Note on Me

A Quick Note on Me

Posted on Jun 25, 2008 by Goddess Sonya

I don't have a whole hell of a alot to talk about right now, but I will say two things:

1. I finally remember the name of the snack I had when I went to Berlin - KaiserSchmarm!! I have to find a recipe for that dish, it was just so damn delicious with the plum compote and cream sauce. I was also in love with the frankfurter; it's something I don't eat in the US, so to have a delicious, nitrate-free dog was quite a treat!

2. Coming soon, I will be updating my website to make the video windows bigger for better veiwing pleasure going forward. I'm on the fence about whether to make the photos bigger, so some input will help here from members.

Okay, that was more like four things, but so what? Isn't better to hear more from me than nothing at all?


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