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A Perfect Evening in the Company of my Dominant - A Story

A Perfect Evening in the Company of my Dominant - A Story

Posted on Apr 22, 2010 by Bella Princess Jewel

A perfect evening for me would be in the company of my Dominant ...

First, we would dine somewhere, have drinks and indulge in plenty of conversation, as my eyes wouldstart to twinkle from red wine. The heat from the lust pulls me closer to Him. He touches me, makes me feel secure throughout dinner.The blood starts to rush through my head and I am feelingvulnerable. The way he glares at me, strips away any kept secrets. I feel trapped, mentally. If there was something I never wanted to do, I would have to praythat he doesn't want me to do it tonight. I would not be able to resist. Hisfirm hands pretty much told me thathe will get what he wants from me. So after dinner, he escorts me to the car. As he starts the engine, he leans over to give me this firm kiss that must have made every liquid that was bottled upinside me, run out. I am not Jewel anymore. I am whatever my Dom calls me, or He wants me to be. Whatever or whoever I was before, was left back at the restaurant. She may never return.

My Dom decides to take me to the Peninsula. He reserved a nice lavish suite. The wine is alreadyon ice, accompanied by an assortment of fresh berries, and the floor is covered with exotic flower petals.

MyDom instructs me to go change into my favorite white lace body suit, the one that has the crotch out.He knows how much I enjoy looking adorable for Him and how much I craved to be the object of his desires. But he instructs me, ?absolutely no shoes?...

After changing, I watched myself in the mirror. The more I wanted my Dom to approve of the way I look, the more the knots built in my stomach. The more anxiety I felt, the wetter I became. I did not care how my Dominant was going to use me tonight. This was exciting andsuspenseful! I could not think of being anything else, but being a sub.

I exited the bathroom and my Dom grabbed me immediately as I came out. He led me to the bed and instructed me to sit down. He reached into a box and pulled out this soft pink collar with pretty stones applied to it. I lit up. I was excited, happy, grateful and so many things in one. Thiswas so surreal, I kept thinking. I could nothold back the tears that started to flow from my eyes. It was like I started to feel all the bottled up hurt, the overwhelming worry, my pastbuilding up inside of me, choking me and slowlydying away. I became kind of limp. My body felt heavy and I felt like I was physically there, but I wasn't. I was so thrilled he chose me. My body was eager for his touch. Just as I prepared myself mentally, he grabbed me, led me by a mirror and stood behind me and said, "Jewel, you are mine, forever." His words recited over and over in my head as if they hypnotized me.

After he finished talking to me, He ordered me to my knees, made me crawl over to a corner and kneel with my back facing him. I swiftly followed his orders. There was a blind fold placed over my eyes and he parted my lips and inserted something in my mouth. I couldn't help but to think, "Uh oh, it's time".

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